Send Blog Post To Facebook Automatically

Send Blog Post To Facebook AutomaticallySend Blog Post To Facebook Automatically -By the time my friend posted an article on a blog friend, pal certainly want the post also appear on FB Fan Page right my friend ..? For those who do not know how easy it would have done manually, copy the url and post mempastekannya FB Fan Page to your friends.

But of the Copy paste bother FB Fans Page Url to better follow Dech following ways, that my friend was not tired at all for him,especially if the number of posts that absorb,can reminded that previously I've already posted Share Simple & Zoom Magazine Templates - SEO Template. And now Will post How To Post Automated Blog Log Into FB Fan Page. How we will use the help of RSS GRAFFITI application, where the application will make the blog post will be entered automatically into a Fan Page FB friends. Here are ways to use it:
Log in to Facebook / fanspage

  • Open
  • After allowing us access fb rss graffiti, and open
  • Select Add New Publishing Plan.
  • Give name free publishing plan. better use Direktori Web Indonesia friends name blogs.
  • After that click on "add new".
  • Then enter your blog url in the "Enter url or twitter shortcut".
  • Click on "Add Source".
  • If you want to edit the target settings fb please edit the target. 
  • If everything is done then click "off" to turn rss graffiti and make sure changes to "on".

Hopefully the above tutorial Send Blog Post To Facebook Automatically useful! If there is not understand, please comment yaa .. of the can not know where where later

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